Saturday, September 11, 2004

Loving Life...

Well, it was an interesting happening to go from watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" to reading my friend wildfyregirl's entry. She left her ex-boyfriend and a life in Sonoma to go teach in Turkey.
So much can happen and if you haven't seen that movie- if you can get it, you should see it... In the immortal words of Lennon "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans...". I grew emotionally recently... strange for many reasons...I realized, though, while looking back at my life, I have learned much and experienced Bliss throughout most of it. Despite heartbreak, loss, emotional hell, all the trauma the Human Condition puts one through... Bottom line: I live it and I LOVE IT... yes, it could be better (can't everything?), yet, everything has brought me here and it is wonderful...

Current Projects:
MA-Production Management- HSU
Musical Director- Willy Wonka- Fernadale Repertory
Shamanism- this is always a constant project...

This is FireDaisy, signing off...

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