Sunday, September 08, 2013

What's a girl to do?

I have been sort of in a quandary lately, having abandoned my blog.

Surely I didn't mean to actually leave it all alone, with no one to talk to.

 Lousy of me, really. It is not like it takes that long to write a blog post. So what if you don't have a good idea. You just simply start writing. I gave this good advice not very long ago--why is it so hard to follow it?

This is the fickle tick of people, we are not really good at following our own advice. Unless, of course, you are one of those truly blessed individuals who has a great self-esteem and really trusts yourself. If you are one of those people, in all sincerity, I say, "God Bless You!"

Because way too many of us don't.

No. Really. We don't.

Maybe we had a rough childhood, made some bad mistakes in the teen years (or even later in the 20s or 30s), or maybe we just have no sense of how to listen to that small still voice that is waiting for acknowledgement inside ourselves. Whatever the reason for the blow to the self-esteem, we are just out in limbo listening to all the advice that is all around. We forget to listen to ourselves about ourselves--what we dreamed about, what we wanted. Somehow we think we don't deserve it.

We stop listening to our own good advice, even something so simple as: write even when you feel uninspired. It is silly to let the little things slip through our fingers, but those of us who are not listening to that voice (and are devaluing ourselves by ignoring it) are doing just that.

Everyday we are killing our spark, the fire that makes us special, when we ignore what God has placed in front of us to do. These dreams are with us for a reason.

 To miss the calling is to deny ourselves the opportunity of a lifetime and to deprive everyone else the value of your gifts. No one else on Earth can do what we have come here to do.

We better start listening and forgiving ourselves. We have work to do and the sooner we get to it, the better.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Food Forests

My husband James and I were just discussing how great it would be if all the cities would plant trees that produced edibles. Looks like Seattle thought the same thing!

I am excited that a major city is beginning to take sustainability to the level of local accountability rather than just lip service to a global agenda that really doesn't solve problems.

If anything is to begin to be resolved it has to begin at the local level.

Seattle has taken the first step.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Writing & French

 Finally finished with my second Bachelor's degree, this time in English Literature. While I was at it I decided to earn a Certificate in Creative Writing.

I joined Camp Nanowrimo yesterday, I am on the road to complete a rough novel in a month. It will be a healthy challenge for me.

Things are moving right along.

Just finished reading, "French women don't get fat" which is a definite perspective shift in a healthy relationship with yourself, food, and living.

Although it is geared toward women it is helpful for men, as well.

Finally, LEARNING FRENCH! I'm thrilled! :)

Always wanted to learn and my French teacher in high school was the worst teacher in the school--or at least that was the rumor. So I opted for two years of German instead--meh, it didn't thrill me. 

French, finally! I love you, you beautiful language.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TULUM 2014

This is the place where I am headed in 2014.

As a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant (IPC) I am helping people empower themselves using the safest and most effective tools on the planet: essential oils.

Emily's books

Mutant Message Down Under
5 of 5 stars
Sometimes things aren't what they seem and can be amazing
The Alchemist
5 of 5 stars
A journey that helps to enlighten one and takes the rest of us along for the ride
Anahita's woven riddle
5 of 5 stars
This is classified young adult but is one of the most fantastic stories and shows what life was like before the Shaw was overthrown in Iran.
Think and Grow Rich
5 of 5 stars
must read for those who enjoy prosperity