Friday, June 21, 2013

Writing & French

 Finally finished with my second Bachelor's degree, this time in English Literature. While I was at it I decided to earn a Certificate in Creative Writing.

I joined Camp Nanowrimo yesterday, I am on the road to complete a rough novel in a month. It will be a healthy challenge for me.

Things are moving right along.

Just finished reading, "French women don't get fat" which is a definite perspective shift in a healthy relationship with yourself, food, and living.

Although it is geared toward women it is helpful for men, as well.

Finally, LEARNING FRENCH! I'm thrilled! :)

Always wanted to learn and my French teacher in high school was the worst teacher in the school--or at least that was the rumor. So I opted for two years of German instead--meh, it didn't thrill me. 

French, finally! I love you, you beautiful language.

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