Tuesday, September 14, 2004


 You know, I heard how "dramatic" LJ can get, but to see it is another thing entirely... curiosity killed the cat, so I just had to go to the religious debate that CW began innocently... not knowing the fury of hell she would unleash... Which everything was cool until one of the parties in question decided to hash unsubstantiated rumors about someone they didn't even know!... on their personal journal! Grow up people, geez! If you want to bash someone bash a politician they most likely deserve it- at least for something, and chances are you can find the "something". Bashing people you don't know, especially only by rumor, is just lame: 1) you don't know if it's true 2) It's not your place to chastise if you don't know them 3) you WROTE IT which means everyone is reading it, so if it is indeed false, you look like a complete moron for having bashed this person 4) Bashing on LJ is just loathsome and base... In other words this person has the integrity of a sock puppet... open debate, one thing- bashing is unintelligent... 'nough said.

Game on!

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