Friday, September 17, 2004

Best on the Planet

Go here:

Find a theater with a showing or request your local theater to show it ;)

Some of the best cinema on the planet! Rage!

Happy Weekending! *grin*

For more on my week:

Liz and I went lunch today, very cool person, she totally rocks! Went to "What the Bleep! Do We Know?" Playing at the Minor Theater in Arcata... Working on my Shakespeare after doing edit three on my- Graduate Writing Proficiency, "Explorations with Effective Directors"- paper... And yes I am a Shaman... better than being... well...just about anything... more to come... the North Country Fair is going on up here so it should be stellar. I'll have to post pictures of the Plaza and the fun ;) 

Till next post this is Firedaisy, signing off.

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