Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Constant Comment

The more I look at the world of social media the more I feel like I am in a world of constant comment. It seems no matter the subject everyone wants to add their two cents, including me. This shouldn't be a bad thing, until you realize that you are in a constant state of expectancy. Or maybe this is just me.

I admit it, I feel like I have to know stuff. What I don't know I feel like I have to research. This is a constant state of activity and, as a Christian, I am neglecting my first duty and that is to take some time out for God. I am the worst at feeling like I have to set the record straight. I have to get the bottom of the situation. I am like an information bloodhound and I feel it is my responsibility to post the truth, which means I am constantly digging up information and not taking a time out to breathe.

This seems like a confession, but I have a feeling I am not the only one. There is a reason we all feel like we have no time in our days and are constantly on the run. Perhaps it is lack of organization, overcommitment, or just too much on our plates. However, I think many of us fall into the the constant comment box. Or maybe it is just me.

Constantly feeling the need to respond creates another sort of stress. People can't wait to call or text someone back-- even when they are driving. 

It can wait. Really

Think about this: just thirty years ago, there were no portable cell phones. You had to wait to talk to someone usually face to face, sometimes over the landline. This gave you freedom. You could wait to formulate a good answer, enjoy the sunset,  the sun through the leaves, the hawk flying overhead, or you could just relax and enjoy the moment.

You had time just to be you.

As we all rush about, chained to our desire to communicate, we need to take the time to count the cost. Are we really living the good life with all of our technology, or is it really controlling us? Times may change, but people don't. We all need actual now moments and if we don't have them we will begin to feel it. Overwhelmed, stressed, and simply frazzled are just some of the symptoms of too much constant commenting 

 It may be time to turn that cell phone off--or at least leave it on silent.

Constant comments are meant for tea, not people. *grin*


  1. Part of me feels a little reluctant to comment, given the subject of your post.
    I totally agree though, it's a shame that even though I go out with a group of people for an evening, most of thm are constantly on their mobiles.
    I am making a conscious effort not to be a slave to my mobile, enjoying my own thoughts and not worrying if anyone has got in touch. Most of the time it's trivial nonsense anyway.

    Great blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping in and glad you enjoyed the topic. it has been on mind for some time now. A-Z is really fun! :)


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