Sunday, April 01, 2012

All, Always, and Almost

All anyone asks as an artist and an author: attainment at above average articulation, acing allegory actions, and awakening all.

Always, almost, appeared an apathetic anomaly. As aptly applying altogether aging and angsty appendages as an awfully artistic A-Z application appeared. Although, ascertaining appearances as assuring acceptance admits an altogether askew assumption.

Almost assigned an amalgam as an assurance. Attention adamantly attained, arbors all--alight anybody as an apple, aglow at acute angles as angels amend.

All attended, anything amended, again aloft among allusions. Allusions all adrift as atonement, answering away avenging angels.

Always Avonlea awaits. Alluding all, always aghast as angry and angst-ridden April's approximate apes.

Almost alarmed at an abrupt and appalling...end.

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