Friday, October 30, 2009

Rentals, and cleaning, and shopping, oh my!

Here we are on Halloween Eve and the days have gotten away with me.

Last night, I was helping to put together make-up and costuming for friends who are more like family. With my background as a make-up artist, having designed shows and taught Make-up at our local community College for a couple of semesters, I was commanded to be there.


We turned Rosie into a gypsy with some help from some of my extra shiny clothes, a blond wig, and scraps of peasant with shiny fabric. Morgan, Connie's toddler daughter, was already set, she is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  We turned Connie into Poison Ivy with some help from Youtube Halloween make-up videos:

Kandee Johnson creates Uma Thurman Poison Ivy  you really have to forward to the tutorial because Kandee is silly, yet fun. ;)

I used these with another one (that I couldn't find actually!) and created a good foliage effect. Using four different shades of green, three from Bare Escentual's line, we create a vine pattern from the eyeliner and really-I wish I had taken photos for this bit of fun!

~looks down, ashamed of herself~

You can tell I'm new to this blogging business! Well, I will make this up to y'all somehow.

After make-up goodness, I headed off for some swimming and sauna time at the gym. The sauna felt so good now that the weather has turned cooler here. I needed sauna time after doing quite a bit of cleaning in rentals my husband, James, and I own. Some of our tenants just abandoned them- owing money, of course! (That's why they just left without saying a word!)- and some just gave notice and left.

So we have been working on cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. I began this post with the good part! Perhaps we should go on to better topics...

Happy Halloween everyone! Please have fun and be safe and, on that note, I'm going to show you what every momma or daddy needs!

I found this on one of my favorite blogs, Parking Pal

Love & Merriment,


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