Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have you been BOOed?

~Ding Dong~ You go to your door and there, on your front porch, is an adorable package. You look up and don't see anyone there and quickly look down again. This time you notice the tag "Happy Halloween! You've just been BOOed!" You smile while you inspect the happy gift. 

Apparently in some small towns this is a seasonal occurrence come September 30 or affectionately referred to by some as "October Eve". 

Maybe your neighborhood BOOs? All of the Halloween fans create lovely gifts leaving a package containing treats, poems, and a ghost for your door (to prove you have already been BOOed). 

Some people just create a package for one and some include extras so you can just pass on the fun with your own package and you just need to supply the treats, others just give instructions on how to share the BOOing sensation. 

As part of celebrating the Halloween season who wouldn't enjoy being part of the BOO tradition? Wouldn't you love to be BOO'd this year? How about BOOing others?

I knew you would. :)

If you don't have BOOing in your neighborhood now is the time to begin. We still have 13 days until All Hallow's Eve and I am presenting BOO kits as part of my Happy Hallow's Eve collection. Please click the link to my Etsy store for more pictures.

BOO well & BOO often! Please BOO responsibly. ;)


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