Thursday, November 06, 2003

Rainy Daze

I have had a brain fog all day long. I awoke at 6:30 AM and had to rush out the door to my job. The day was gloomy with sprinkles and a good chance of downpour. It was a wonderful slack day, my student could take care of herself and it was wonderful to see. However, all of her classes made me miss school. On the way home I stopped in for a Soy Chai latte with a kombucha wonder drink and, of course, couldn't resist the vegan chocolate chip cookie. Now I'm at the store which is looking much better (we painted some more and rearranged again).

Comic-Con in Las Vegas was this weekend and we had a blast. Jennyfer and I were cute little PR charmers, winning friends and influencing people *grin*. We stayed at the Luxor for four nights, flying in on Thursday and flying out on Monday. We met writers and artists... many said they would like to come up to Sonoma for signings. Ah, the joys of being located in the heart of wine country. Halloween in Las Vegas is such a trip! I loved it.

My mom drove in from Apple Valley and was telling someone on the Luxor staff that she seen a pimp with two hookers and she was wondering if they were real, the lady just answered "it's halloween all year long in Vegas!" We all laughed... well, moments before, I had ran into mom making friends with Terri a nice lady from Detroit, Michigan while Jennyfer and I were literally running to the Comic-Con Masquerade we had tickets for. Jen was Poison Ivy and I was Delirium- what a combo! we met up with Mom and Teri again at 11:00 because we needed to meet Eric (old friend who is like my brother and now works for New York New York hotel) at New York New York. The Clubs were ragin'- MY GOD the music was incredible! We met up with Eric for awhile and then it was 2AM so we crashed.

Mom left early AM on Sat. and Jen and I hit the Comic Con again. The cool Con band was Wither- a mix of A Perfect Circle, White Zombie, and Pink Floyd, if you can believe that!- suffices to say they rocked the house and I am disappointed we left the masquerade before Wither played :(

The lead singers are brothers and one actually goes to Southern Faire all the time. And the winner of the costume contest goes to Southern faire all the time, too! Which was funny because I knew I recognized both of them. All in all, I wouldn't trade the weekend we had, it was truly worth all the tiredness.

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