Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Writing Tutor Manifesto

     As we seek to create an inclusive and vibrant community of practice and nurture a culture of learning, I want to enter the texts of another writer with a generous heart and faith in the writer’s ability to fully express their ideas with clarity and focus.

 Towards this goal I seek to:

·         Listen, with “active listening” ears. To truly hear what the writer is communicating, so that we may apply it to their work.

·         Communicate, in clear and precise ways to break down walls and topple barriers to brilliant ideas, learning & writing.

·         Remember, everyone is unique--no one else on Earth could bring forth what we have to bring forth.

·         Accomplish, teaching in a constant process of becoming more of an asset to the learning community--we all have good ideas it is simply a matter of unearthing them.

·         Create, a space that allows all people to find their voice and speak their minds in respectful and engaging ways.

With Love & Respect,
Emily Ann Selden

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