Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time waits for no man

I wish for more time and there is no such thing--there is only what you are given and no more. I'm not the one who decides, I'm not the Judge or the jury.

I have entirely too much "junk" in my life. This includes "stuff" as in belongings, emotional issues, and the occasional one-liner.If I was to take a picture of my room you would probably scream--Okay, maybe not, perhaps yours is actually worse than mine and you are basking in happiness. ~lucky duck~

I always wish for more time to work on my "junk".  And you may say to yourself well why doesn't she just make time? "Poor time management" that is what my teachers called it in grade school. I thought I had gotten out of the rut, what happened? How did I fall back into it. Well, we're told the first step in breaking any bad habit is to acknowledge it. To pull yourself out of the depths of your own self-denial.

I am the queen of Denial. 

Cleopatra doesn't have anything on me!

So here I am working on picking up the pieces of my shattered beautiful life. Maybe it helps to not have a critic chiding you everyday... maybe. Maybe I'm just too stubborn. Too many irons in the fire?... maybe.

Time to see about that time management issue. 

Step One: Admit you have a problem.

I went all around the problem not admitting that....

~drumroll please~ 

I have a time management problem. ~There. I said it.~

Boys & Girls: If you only learn one thing in school, learn time management!

Next time: we will delve into the many ways to have orderly time skills and become your version of superyou.

I did finally begin my Talismans line:

 "Heart of the Forest"
A silver heart, bells, hemp knotwork in red, natural seeds, and a ceramic mushroom finish give this piece it's name.

 "Clockwork Dragonfly Flight"
Inspired by the Steampunk genre this piece incorporates gears and silver loops with nostalgia tones with silver and ceramic beadwork with a trailing silver chained trail left by the copper Clockwork Dragonfly.
A book charm finishes off the design.

"Like an archeology trip we sweep over ruins, through jungles of South America with turquoise, hematite, circular quartz, bronze, silver, and an amethyst colored glass bead leading to the sensory perception of an exotic trip through time.
Not a Talisman but in the collection nonetheless, beckoning to days gone by.  This is a walk back in time with lampwork beads, antique metal small beads, and silver hearts.

Slowly but surely (remember that time management discussion?) I am adding these to my Etsy & Zibbet shops. 

So stop on in-links are to your right! ~grin~

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